Plating of connectors in electronics and electrical engineering as well as technical springs and contact parts in the automotive sector require the highest quality and excellent functionality. Many years of know-how and precision are among the fundamental strengths of our company.

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Nickel-plated connector housing. Gold plated contact pins plated in barrel application
Connector housing nickel-plated in rack application. Contact pins hardgold plated in barrel application
High-quality silver-plated contact spring, consisting of spring steel wire, was galvanized as bulk material.
Application: Automotive
Brass connector housing 5 µm nickel-plated. Contact pins coated with nickel and 0.2 μm hardgold in barrel application


Ralf Kälber

Technical management

Ralf Kälber

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Peter Raab

Production Manager

Peter Raab

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Our family-run company based in Pforzheim stands for outstanding quality, subject specific competence and extremely satisfied customers in the field of metal finishing and surface coating. Innovative technologies and a highly qualified team ensure continuous progress in the market of electroplating.

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